The Pantheon of Threa

The Pantheon of Threa. Each god is celebrated on the first day of summer as that is the day the gods are believed to have finished the creation of Threa.

Aphrak, the Deceiver

Anasosan, the Chaos Serpent

Dryn, The Paladin/ The Avenger

Erda, the Mother of Threa

Furani, the Artisan

Gatran, The Dreamer

Huran Goldenhelm

Ilensia, the Mage

Kathrán, the Wanderer

Isani, the Afflicter

Jotaen, the Equalizer

Lenean, the Sylvan

Odryna, the Protector

Rean, the Guardian

Senae, the Deep Depths

Thyn, the Trickster

Unthra, the Tempest

Wissen, the Scholar

Xansanc, the Necromancer

Ydran, the Startouched

The Forgotten Gods- The four eldest deities, the Forgotten Gods did not like how creation was going and tried to destroy the other gods, they created horrors and aberrations that hide in some of the most remote places of Threa. They were defeated and imprisoned beneath Mt. Anasosan, Mt. Jurae. and The Fortress of Gatran. To prevent any attempts to release them, they were never mentioned to any of the intelligent races of Threa and most of their creations were accredited to Anasosan and Aphrak who had been charged with guarding them. Anasosan specifically created her mountain and Mt. Jurae to hold Xynia, Vecsyth and Siruuze while Gatran and Unthra created the Fortress of Gatran to hold Enurth.
Enurth, He Who Devours Life

Siruuze, She Who Watches From the Shadows

Vecsyth, He Who Butchers Truth

Xynia, She Who Destroys the Mind

The Pantheon of Threa

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