Rise of the Kingdoms

The Fall of Thraya Unchained

The Order of Meceso, having arrived in Grendear and learned the truth of the Forgotten Gods and the Elder Races must now figure out how to get nearly halfway around the world in little more that a month and two weeks. They choose to inform the locals of the dangers of what is coming, visit the High Temple of Gatran before headed out on foot across the tundra to Miyak.
They purchased supplies and a sled before Venora and Asta summoned a pair of caribou to pull the sled along behind them.
They then set out for the nearby ruins of Siruuzath. It took them around a day and a half, discovering the strangeness of this land where the Sun sets for but a few hours, but they arrived, and were attacked by a Rogue Eidolon. They fought the statue and destroyed it, avoiding the magics that it carried with it and entered the ruins.
The ruins were reminiscent of a fortress with strange runes carved into the walls. As they wandered in, they saw a glimpse of a strange robed figure wandering the ruins and began to hear whispers. The whispers urged them to give up, after all what have the gods ever done for them? Let the gods’ mistakes come back to haunt them. The party quickly left to the disgust of the voice.
They then spent a couple days travelling. During Thraya’s watch on the second night away from Siruuzath, a Remorhaz attacked the camp. While the party was able to kill the creature, Thraya was eaten and slain by the intense heat of the Remorhaz’s stomach. The party took her corpse with them till they were just outside of Miyak when they sent Thraya off on the sled, pulled by one of the caribou with a frayed rope, so it could someday escape. Then they chartered a ship to Luizou.


The Order of Meceso spend some more time on Dragon Isle and visit the high temple of Furani briefly before boarding a ship to Eronia. There Ver’ry writes a song to spread their words across the lands. They stop in Gablebrook after dealing with some goblin bandits along the roads. Eventually they arrive in the legendary Grove of the Burnwillows. Here the party is entranced by their beauty, but discover the presence of a couple werewolves. After several fights with them, both werewolves are slain or driven off, though Thraya contracts Lycanthropy.
The next day they head into the mountains, but take a detour through the Dwarven city of Grellen. Here they meet Ver’ry’s family and learn his true name. His family, though disapproving of Ver’ry’s choice of occupation convince the party to help deal with some animated furniture in their shop and offer food and a place to rest afterwards.
They continue on the next day, but encounter a Gorgon near Selmer. In an attempt to rescue Asta, who had turned herself into a tree, Thraya was turned to stone. She was carried to Selmer where she was turned back to normal.
They set out on a ship from Selmer and traveled along the coast for a while before turning south to Grendear. On the second night out on the ocean however, a massive storm struck and the ship was nearly sunk, had the party not quickly reacted and helped prevent them from going down.
The party then arrived in Grendear where they encountered Wissen. Wissen revealed the truth of what they were doing and the existence of the Forgotten gods, Enurth, Siruuze, Vecsyth and Xynia, and asked that the party merely stop the mad wizard Kerdot from releasing the worst horrors imprisoned along with the Forgotten gods and the Elder Races. Wissen told them that they must arrive at Mount Anasosan by two weeks after the solstice to complete their quest.

Arriving on Dragon Isle

After crossing the continent of Phissia and spreading the word of the impending disaster, the heroes began their journey to Dragon Isle. Nearly halfway across the Phissian Channel, however, they were once more attacked by the pirates that had hounded them from beginning of their journey. The ship was once more crewed by a large group of zombies, but also carried one of the 12 remaining Skull Lords. The heroes and the crew were able to quickly take out the zombies, while Seylum attempted to cross over to the other ship and take out the Skull Lord and perhaps Captain Saund, the pirate captain.
Unfortunately, Seylum did not succeed and was nearly killed by the Skull Lord. So he fled below decks as the others fought off the pair of Bonespurs that had been guarding the deck. However, the heroes were able to throw both overboard before the Skull Lord crossed between the ships.
Meanwhile, Seylum discovered the final member of their group, an elf named Venora Oresae and her wolf companion Casar, imprisoned below decks and freed them before beginning to attempt to sink the ship. Venora took an immediate dislike to Seylum, due to his method of awakening her, but fled up to witness the battle between the heroes and the Skull Lord.
The battle was long and difficult, Thraya nearly died herself, but the Skull Lord was destroyed and Seylum rescued Captain Saund from the sinking ship.
Captain Saund revealed that he was working for the wizard, Kerdot, to capture the heroes so that they could not attempt to stop his plans, though Saund knew not what that plan was. He had also been following them by use of an enchanted compass that would lead him straight to the heroes, and the party was able to recover it from the sinking ship. Captain Saund was then executed by the crew of the heroes ship.
After a brief while longer, the party finally arrived on Dragon Isle. In the small port town they stopped in, the were told to go find the King and given directions to the bridge that the King was at. The rested for the night and in the morning Thraya bought a book of stories about the gods as well as a strap to carry it on and the heroes set out for the bridge in the Dragon Peaks.
Near the end of the first day, the party encountered a grove inhabited by a colony of Skiurids, but decided to avoid them.
The next day, the heroes arrived at the bridge that the King was having built and met with King Eranian and his advisor Renthir. While Eranian did like them, he decided they must first find the High Temple of Jotaen, hidden in the mountains and sent them off.
And so the heroes set out, following the light of the staff the gods had given them, and after a few encounters and a couple of days, reached the High Temple of Jotaen. There they were greeted by Renthir, who revealed himself to be a truly ancient golden dragon and High Priest of Jotaen. Venora was not pleased, due to some unrevealed background, and had to be briefly held back from attacking Renthir.
Still Renthir thanked them and offered them rooms for the night as well as food. During dinner, the heroes came up with a name for their group, the Order of Meceso, after the ancient word for unity and companionship and Ver’ry began to compose a ballad of their adventures thus far to spread the word of their quest.
The next day, they left for King Eranian at dawn, being offered a ride on the back of Renthir and arrived soon afterwards. They were welcomed with a feast and began to celebrate the true beginning of their alliance…

Easing Tensions

Soon after arriving in Dymer, the adventurers encountered a dwarven bard by the name of Ver’ry Merry. Seylum attempted to pickpocket Ver’ry and was caught. After realizing this was one of the group his god had sent him to find, Ver’ry decided not to beat Seylum to a pulp.
Ver’ry joined in on the adventure, much to the distrust of Thraya. They arrived at the chamberlain of Dymer’s home and spoke with her about their plans. She explained that the people of Dymer would join if their rival, Arzhov, was excluded. The party declined explaining that that was impossible due to what was probably coming, but they agreed to investigate what was causing the problems with the two towns, ships not making it to or from Turne. The chamberlain, Vandaria, agrees to this and sends them off with a boat down river.
At where the Karis River and the Emerald River meet, the party sees a large amount of sunken ships of various styles. They beach the boat and begin to explore. After a few minutes they find tracks that lead into a weird cave with three bizarre, broken statues. One is a mass of tentacles hanging from something long gone from the cave, another is half a humanoid shape, but the one remaining arm splits at the elbow, all that remains of the third is an eye with a triangular pupil, and the fourth is an effeminate shape surrounded by swirling shapes.
Soon after entering, Thraya, who hung back aways from the rest, encountered a large creature reminiscent of a spider and a scorpion. She hollered a war cry and attacked. The fight was short, and the creature lost a pincer and fled. The party gave chase, but it managed to sneak back to the cave were it vanished.
So the adventurers retrieved the creature’s claw and returned to the boat and decided to warn Arzhov as this was probably the creature that was attacking shipping along the river. They arrived in Arzhov late that day and informed the mayor who immediately thanked them and informed them that they would send diplomats back to Dymer to reopen negotiations now that they knew it wasn’t the other town attacking their shipping.

Beginning the Journey

The adventurers remained in Irunik for nearly a month while Thraya was prepared for diplomacy, Ava studied the lost art of vestige binding, and a new chosen one traveled to the city. The new member was an elven druid named Asta. Though Thraya didn’t trust this newcomer much, she tolerated her and the party left as part of a caravan to the dwarven city of Thrend.
The party was fascinated by the impressive architecture of the Thrend, the largest city many of them had seen to date. After observing the city, the adventurers took this as their first attempt to convince a foreign nation to join in an alliance. The lord of the city was dubious but agreed to supply quarters for the night and to send emissaries to Irunik to try to confirm their story. The party then went out to see the town and try some of the local refreshments. Thraya quickly fell into unconsciousness due to the dwarven ale and Seylum went off in search of semi-illicit materials, and failing to get much of what he sought.
While Seylum was off searching for the black market, Ava and Asta took Thraya to the local temple of Isani and then visited the temple of Huran Goldenhelm.
They regrouped, retired for the night, and left Thrend at dawn. They took a brief detour to the Frask mountains to visit the High Temple of Ydran.
During their ascent, they encountered a pair of ghouls, but quickly slew them and finished their ascent. Ava was fascinated by the temple, and Seylum saw his old friend Noelia there and was teased briefly by a confused Thraya.
The next day, they resumed their journey and travelled to the fishing town of Dymer.


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