Thraya, Unchained, Ship Taker, God Chosen, Skull Slayer


A toned muscular woman who’s gaze seems to fluctuate between piercing daggers and content curiosity. Her hair is in black dreads, an old axe wound crosses her right eye, and the mark of a slave is burnt into her neck. She sports wields a wicked looking pole arm and falchion with a foolhardy fervor. Orchish markings of royalty decorate her bone strapped armor, a whip and tomb hang at her side.


“When does a hero’s journey begin? The moment you step out side the safety of your home? Or when you realize the fight has only just begun? Is it when you comprehend how small you are compared to the vastness that threatens to destroy you? When did you learn that the journey isn’t a lonely road and you didn’t have to face the darkness alone? Lesser souls loose heart and lay down their swords, but a champion risks everything for the greater good. Take comfort in this. True heroes never die. The sun rises, the sun sets, but we all have to cross the river some day. Even her.” (Erebos from MTG Journey into Nyx trailer)

Thraya Unchained, Ship-taker, God-chosen, Skull-slayer, Member of Meceso fell in battle against a Remorhaz.

Thraya, Unchained, Ship Taker, God Chosen, Skull Slayer

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